Sage Bluff Alpacas

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Sage Bluff Alpacas

Welcome to Sage Bluff Alpacas!  Open daily by appointment, you may meet the alpacas, tour the farm, and shop our beautiful selection of alpaca fashions, accessories, yarn, rugs, and toys. Call or email today to schedule your visit!

Do you enjoy engaging animals and fun people? Would you like to make good use of your small acreage? Consider raising alpacas!

At Sage Bluff Alpacas, we're passionate about alpacas and alpaca people. We breed, raise, board and sell huacaya alpacas in all their many colors. We'd be delighted to help you learn more about alpacas, and the financial advantages and appealing lifestyle of this unique livestock industry.

We look forward to meeting you! - John and Jennifer Ely

About Alpacas... Originally from South America, alpacas are raised for their luxurious fleece, which is similar to cashmere and softer, stronger and warmer than wool. Alpaca fiber is found in everything from designer fashions to sportswear and home accessories.

The appeal of raising these eco-friendly animals is due largely to the minimal care they require, their gentle personalities, the resulting revenue and enviable lifestyle. Alpaca breeders are a cooperative group, mentoring newcomers and ensuring the success of a rapidly growing national industry.

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